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Jean P Ilunga is one of the Strong Congolese businessmen in Nairobi. Ilunga who is currently on a business trip Paris and Kinshasa is expected to be back in Nairobi soon.

Jean is vying for the Presidential seat for Congolese diaspora in Kenya. His campaign team being headed by Miss Nadine Agembe  who are currently going round in all towns in Kenya to talk to Congolese community to vote for Ilunga. He has promise Congolese community to give them better life standard and to take care of their needs. Election to be held October next month. Ilunga who has been front-line to help young Congolese youth’s he is ready to face his fellow Congolese brothers in the election.

From the album when he attended live band show with Bilenge Musica du Congo ,he is famous to many musicians  they call him MOKONZI or PREZDA meaning someone senior. Congolese Community in Kenya have promise to vote for JP Ilunga .




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