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Eight injured after being flung from ski lift in Georgia

Video footage shows skiers either being hurled from the lift or jumping on to the snow to escape as onlookers shout in horror.

Eight people were injured in the ski lift accident in Georgia. Pic: Iryna Jadak

Eight people have been injured in a ski lift accident which saw skiers hurled from their seats.

Video shot by onlookers in the Georgian ski resort of Gaudari showed terrified skiers jumping or falling from the carriages.  The lift reaches the bottom of a snow mountain where it comes to a pulley. As other carriages arrive, they crash into each other, leaving a tangled mess.

The tangled wreckage of the lift

Horrified onlookers can be heard shouting in panic.

Though there have been some injuries, the video appears to show that most people got out in time, landing safely on the soft snow.



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